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4 Sep

Our next show is on 10/08/22… click HERE for details.

A collection of our greatest hats is now streaming and it’s also a FREE download… 13 songs! Dig in on it HERE.

Check out this interview we did with The Noise.

We visited 95.5 WBRU and recorded a few songs in their studio… Check it out.


Click HERE to purchase.

Limited to 25 copies. These singles consist of clear poly-plastic with holographic, kraft, white, or clear numbered jackets. The four options are shown in the photo above. All styles while supplies last.

There is no digital download for this release. However, both songs are available on albums.

1. Jodie Treloar – Sonic Boom 5:15
2. Six Star General – Christopher Walken 6:00

Jodie Treloar reinvents a song from Six Star General’s vinyl-only release “These Woods Smell Like Grape” and Six Star General contributes a song from their full-length album “Hair Supply,” which features choral vocal contributions from Mark Cutler, Suicide Bill, Jodie Treloar, and Dan Ulmschneider (Coma Coma, Bob Kendall Band) with piano from Tom Chance (The Propellers.)

This is not vinyl. If you are interested in learning more about lathe cut singles, go to funky frankenstein for more info.


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