Video for “Sonic Boom” off our album “Splinter”.

“Sonic Boom” live at The Apratment in Providence, RI on 1/30/11

“Jed’s Other Poem” live at The Met in Providence, RI  on 3/17/11

Video for “Satelitte Off the Axis and Engulfed in Flames”  off our album “Six”.

Video for “Guns n’ Moses” off our album “Six”

“Hi Five Lo Five” live at The Common Pub in Bristol, RI on 1/15/11

“Hammering the Cramps” live at The Apartment in Providence, RI on 1/14/11

Video “Burmese Surname” off our album “Take Your Teeth Out”

Video for “Smokers Tooth Polish” off our album “Ice Machine”

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